Princess Louisa & Chatterbox Falls

July 15 – July 28, 2018 (14 days)

dock anchorage Chatterbox Falls Princess Louisa Inlet        Hunter sailboats Princess Louisa dock infront of Chatterbox Falls   Up the Reaches and through Malibu Rapids is a magical land of towering peaks, high waterfalls, shear-sided, cliffs, and famed Chatterbox Falls.  Conquer both the Strait of Juan de Fuca & Strait of Georgia, and enjoy stops in fun towns along the way.



You are comfortable with basic operation of your boat including docking and anchoring, and can travel on the water for up to 8 hours on a long day.  Your boat has food storage space, and water & fuel capacity for 5 days without resupplying.  Your equipment includes a suitable line for stern-tying to shore, ground tackle capable of proper anchoring in up to 80 ft, and a dinghy to comfortably & easily get you from anchorage to anywhere you’d like to explore.

through Dodd Narrows to Nanaimo on way to Chatterbox Falls

Chatterbox Falls Princess Louisa Inlet

Route Overview

Port Townsend, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Nanaimo, Strait of Georgia, Garden Bay, Princess Louisa, Harmony Islands, Secret Cove, Silva Bay, Ganges, Friday Harbor, Port Ludlow.  See tentative Princess Louisa 2018 itinerary



More Info

We will meet and leave from Port Townsend & return to Port Ludlow, transiting both Straits and the tidal currents of Dodd Narrows, Malibu Rapids, Gabriola Pass, & Cattle Pass.

Hiking, visiting historic Malibu Club, gathering shellfish, wine tasting at Salt Spring Vineyards, and standing in awe in front of Chatterbox Falls are all possible activities.

Food, water, & fuel available at Port Townsend, Nanaimo, Garden Bay, Secret Cove, Silva Bay, Ganges, Friday Harbor, & Port Ludlow.sailboat up the Reaches to Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inletisland view striated clouds

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