Desolation Sound

June 30-July 13, 2018 (14 days)

Kayaking Prideaux haven Desolation Sound


Mountains, shellfish, pictographs, rapids, waterfalls, and small resorts entice cruisers to travel North to this gorgeous area of B.C.  Explore Desolation Sound Marine Park and the Discovery Islands.  The sea water is warmer in this area, so take a dip!  Paddle a kayak, harvest oysters, take a hike, have a nice dinner out!  Perfect for those who would like to explore beyond the Strait of Georgia.




Lake Unwin Tenedos Bay Desolation Sound

You are comfortable with basic operation of your boat including docking and anchoring, and can travel on the water for up to 8 hours on a long day.  Your boat has food storage space, and water & fuel capacity for 4 days without resupplying.  Your equipment includes a suitable line for stern-tying to shore, ground tackle capable of proper anchoring in up to 80 ft, and a Cortez Bay overlook Desolation Sounddinghy to comfortably & easily get you from anchorage to anywhere you’d like to explore.



Route Overview

Port Townsend, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Nanaimo, Strait of Georgia, Secret Cove, Prideaux Haven, Squirrel Cove, Hariot Bay, Gorge Harbor, Hornby Island, Silva Bay, Ganges, Friday Harbor.  See tentative Desolation Sound 2018 itinerary


 trawler Desolation Sound mountainsCassel Lake Falls Teakern Arm West Redonda Island Desolation Sound

More Info

We’ll meet & leave from Port Townsend and return to Friday Harbor, transiting both Straits, and the tidal currents of Dodd Narrows, and Cattle Pass.  Ending this flotilla cruise in Friday Harbor allows you to extend your vacation in the San Juan Islands or head for home.

Swimming is possible at an excellent beach!

You’ll have the opportunity to eat out at some excellent restaurants, or enjoy cooking aboard.

It may be possible to gather shellfish, so remember a Canadian fishing license. Last year we enjoyed many oysters.

Food, water, & fuel is available at Port Townsend, Nanaimo, Garden Bay, Refuge Cove, Silva Bay, Ganges, and Friday Harbor.

swimming beach Whaling Station Bay Hornby Island


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