Flotilla Trips

Why Our Trips

Cruise with confidence in a flotilla!  NW Boat Adventures’ goal is to stretch your comfort zone by making you a master of your boat’s systems and giving you the tools to make good voyage decisions.  Enjoy the company and input of other boaters as we travel through the awesome Pacific Northwest.

What We Provide

  • Professional assessment of your boat’s systems, condition, and readiness (if located in WA)
  • Cruising and tide & current guides (Waggoner & appropriate “Exploring” guide, Ports & Passes)
  • Planning/Pre-trip meeting
  • Reservations for planned dock nights
  • Itinerary and local knowledge/experience of areas we’ll travel through
  • Mechanical/electrical knowledge to help with repairs in-route
  • Daily discussion of route, currents, anchorage, and available amenities at destinations
  • Monitoring and daily check-in on pre-determined VHF channel
  • Help/training on anchoring, rafting, stern-tying, VHF protocol, decision making (weather, tides, currents), and electronics use
  • A happy hour and BBQ dinner at an anchorage or dock

What You Provide

  • Payment for moorage, provisions (fuel, meals), Customs fees, and repairs
  • Appropriate charts and insurance coverage for all areas of travel
  • Fishing licenses if you intend to gather any form of seafood

Spontaneous happy hours and potluck dinners amongst boats are encouraged!